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I'm Chris Porter and I dabble in Product Design and Music Production.

I'm currently building a studio collective called SSFN, where we bring freelancers together to solve the world's problems usng design & tech.

I'm also learning Vue.JS, Motion Design & 3D UI Design for AR/VR. Why don't you follow my journey.



A place for musicians to find gigs and venues to find musicians. Our goal was to redesign the product to improve user experience and some fresh paint.

Launch Site
Gigmor Homepage Desktop & Mobile
Gigmor Homepage Desktop & Mobile
Gigmor Homepage Desktop & Mobile
Gigmor Homepage Desktop & Mobile

I Fly You Buy

A mobile solution to simplify the group purchasing experience. With the help of SSFN Collective, we’ve help build the brand and experience for the app.

IFYB Mobile Screens
IFYB Logo by Jose Espinoza
IFYB Mobile Login Components
IFYB New Flyer Wireframes


People renting cars to other people to generate income through Uber and Lyft. The goal here was to improve the user experience.

Launch Site
Hyrecar Mobile Screens
Hyrecar Car Detail & Booking
Hyrecar Mobile Screens


A live video platform for influencers, LiveRaise needed to improve their user interface. Together, the client and I worked together to make it easier for people to share their life. We also updated their logo to reflect those updates.

Launch Site


Work Smarter, Not Harder.

This was my dad's favorite quote when I was younger. He always emphasized the importance of having an effective yet efficient workflow.

Today, that is the blood that runs through my veins. My goal is to help build better systems for small to medium sized businesses. That can be a better design, user interface or front-end system.

How I Help The World

Design & Code

Since 2004, I'm still ready to help startups and small businesses with their brand. If you need to build something new or redesign something that's not working, I'm here to help design that website, mobile app, or identity.


Something that I love to do is help upcoming creatives take their skills to the next level. If you're looking to become a better designer, developer, help on your portfolio or just need a stern talking to, please, just shoot me an email.

Music Production

Something I do from time to time is create beats and music for artists, filmmakers & brands. My strength lays in hip-hop & electronic, but I love to go outside the box. Music can be all original or contain samples if you're down to clear it.


With my FujiFilm XE-1, I've been able to help create direction for personal brands using beautiful photography. On location or in a studio, we can create something special for your website or social media marketing.

Who I Helped

  • Aziza Work Group
  • Buzzhoney
  • Foundation Transportation
  • Giant Eagle
  • Gigmor.com
  • Hyrecar
  • Jaye Neutron
  • LiveRaise
  • Paystr
  • Ron Finley
  • Silicon Beach Talent
  • Squrl
  • Steele Hungry
  • UPMC
  • Zanzibar Restaurant

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Want to work together on something cool?

I'm booked for the rest of the year, however, I am open to future projects starting as early as February 2018. Get in touch.

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