The Timeline


Digital nomading in LA

Back to LA I go as I continue on my journey, meet back up with current clients & spend time with friends.


Digital nomading in DC

To start on a few projects with my business partner, Stephen Miller, I needed to stay in DC for a bit. So I got to do some nomading in DC.



Stephen Miller & I started SSFN, a studio venture that provides products & services for freelancers, entrepreneurs & startups.



Newscrack is an app that allows you to organize online news sources the way you want. My role was User Interface Designer, crafting the design system & app design.



Helped create the admin experience for users to manage their Paystr media & account.



Helped improve the digital human resource experience through UX/UI Design.



My first startup design job. My role was to improve the user experience and design of the website.


Moved to Los Angeles

Ready to do more, I moved to Los Angeles, and stayed on my friend, Ben Tang's couch for a few months. Got my own place after six months.


Started First Design Studio

Partnered with my best friend, Ashley Steele to create our first design studio called That's Genius.


Graduated from College

Finished my degree at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a Bachelor of Science degree in Interactive Media Design.



Started my first full-time design job at Buzzhoney in Pittsburgh, PA. I was apart of a team that helped Pittsburgh area companies with their marketing design and web presence.


First day at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh

Took my first college class in Pittsburgh, majoring in Interactive Media Design. Also met some great people that I'm still friends with to this day.


Graduated High School

Grabbed up my highschool degree from Shaw High School in East Cleveland, Ohio


Started First Freelance Design Business

HeatedGFX was born with plenty of people contacting me to build their website, mixtape covers and logos.

Started making beats

Got the idea to start making beats from one of my mentors. Downloaded a cracked version of FL Studio, then purchased it a bit later.


East Cleveland City Schools

My role was an intern I/T specialist, fixing computers across the school district. We dealt with setting up computer labs, updating computers, and maintaining the network.

Started making beats

Got the idea to start making beats from one of my mentors. Downloaded a cracked version of FL Studio, then purchased it a bit later.


Build my first website

I've started learning web design around this time and finally built my first website. So embarrased.

Started my first business

People in my neighborhood kept asking me to rid their computer of viruses, so I started charging. Soon after, it became my first business.

Macintosh 128k

Got my first computer

The Macintosh 128k was my first computer. Played a lot of Simcity 2000 and Apache Strike.


First toys I can remember...

Was a real cash register & a Playschool keyboard at the age of 3.


The Birthday

Came into this world, July 8th, at 3am in Cleveland, Ohio.

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