Get in Contact

To make things easy, I've broken out the contact page into reasons for contact. I've supplied some info on how to contact me for each situation.

Design & Code Clients

Looking to get a website or app designed? I currently book all my clients through SSFN, a collective of freelancers and small teams.

Please make sure to check out my Work to make sure I'm what you're looking for. If you're sure, then please send an email describing your problem.

Outside SSFN

Fulltime Work

I'm currently not looking for full time work, but please, if you have a project that's the right fit, I wouldn't mind working on something for a whole year. Send me your inquires here.

Music Production

I'm currently looking to work with artists on a solo effort, or for commission on a visual project or brand. Please contact me here to work with me.


I take pictures too! If you like what I do and want me to capture something visual for you, like yourself, a pet, a place, etc, please get in contact with me here.

Student Advice

If you're a student and you need advice on design, code, music or photos, please feel free to shoot me an email here.