Coffee In The Mornings

Why doing the most important things in the morning gives you that incredible boost for the rest of the day?

I’m sitting at my desk this morning ready to write my first article and I think to myself, “I should be working on a client project instead of writing.” But, I think to myself, “Fuck it. I should be investing in myself.” Writing is important to me and I’m going to take the time to do what I want for once. I decided writing in the morning is key to my productivity for the day.

It Goes Down in the AM

The first thing I do in the morning is lay in bed and think about shit: things on my to-do list, things I want to do, goals/dreams, and etc. Usually my head is up in the clouds and I try to predict the future or have a mental rerun of my day yesterday. On good days, I focus on my goals and think about what I need to do to get to where I want to be. What are my main goals for this year? Get 12 clients this year? Work on a side project? Exercise at least four times this week? Usually I’ll play out the success story of each goal in my head just to see what gives me the butterflies. Which goal gets the extended day dream? The goal that makes me happy the most is the one I tend to approach.

"The goal that makes me happy the most is the one I tend to approach."

In Conclusion

For the time being, I’m working on client projects — but it leads me to my next question: do I want to do this forever? What I do know is that I love helping others live out their dreams and see their ideas become a reality while I build my personal brand. So now it’s 7:00am and it’s time for me to get up, get on the computer, and write. Something that I thought was a difficult challenge to do is now complete — it’s the small wins that make me confident that I can accomplish anything.

The end…for now

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